🤗Why worry?

Sometimes the simple explanations touches the heart the most. No fancy language or abstract concepts, just essential truths presented modestly to awaken the soul❤

When v hv a prblm beyond our control, v hv to turn to our spiritual strength n ask, “Why Worry?” Whatever situation may come your way, analyse: Is this in my control? Regardless of the answer that follows, the reply should alwz b, “Why Worry?”

Sometimes when v get engrossed in a prblm, v feel trapped in our own minds, in that state, v constantly regurgitate our issues, v try everything in our power to control it. But that is useless!

Think: Is this in my control?

If yes, u can do smthing abt it. If no, u cannot do anything abt it. Therefore, in both the circumstances, “WHY WORRY?

-From one of session of GAUR GOPAL DAS🤗

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Learning new everyday..!!

24 thoughts on “🤗Why worry?

    1. As do yours.. ❤ 😊
      I will, and request you to keep sharing yours.. 😊😊
      Thank you and you too take care.. !!
      (This notification I didn't receive because it wasn't a reply to our thread.. I searched your profile and found this just now)

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  1. The human brain cannot just “wish worry away”. It’s not designed like that.
    If someone’s house is on fire, he/she will worry and try to save his family members instead of smiling at the situation.
    If humankind didn’t “worry” about smallpox, we would not have been able to kill it. But today, it lies dead.
    However, there is a difference between worry and panic.
    Extreme negative thoughts and zilch action to redress the same is panic. Panic does more harm than good. There needs to be a little amount of “worry” about the uncertainties to make a person work for his/her betterment and redress that “worry”. But excess of it creates panic or hypertension, which is bad for mental and physical health.
    Great article once again Anushka.. ❤ 😊 It's a pleasure reading it..!!

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    1. Thank you much Abir🙈🤩

      Your comments are motivating me…
      I can’t stop smiling right now…

      Thank you so much for reading…and sharing your views on it🤗💙

      You understood every bit of it…
      And that’s making me more than happy😊💕


      1. Now I am blushing due to your praises.. 🙈☺️
        Again, what I said is purely logical.
        But I am happy that it motivated you and made you smile.. ☺️♥️
        Glad to be of help..!!🤗

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      2. My own..

        I don’t what’s wrong with WordPress…no notifications are coming…
        In recent posts of mine..on which u have commented…I have replied on them…but I think…u haven’t got notifications of it..!!

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      3. I got notifications when you replied.. But if you are saying that you posted more replies than the ones I saw, then probably you are right.. WP might have gone bonkers.. 😛
        You can rewrite the comments if you want to..

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      4. Haha…might be..😅

        Let me..sum it up here then…what I said…

        I said a thank you..for being so kind…and sparing your precious time…in reading my post.. I love your insight…the way you see things and give me feedback…it’s so touching…
        And I gave u suggestion as well..

        That why don’t you write these insights of yours ..in your blog… people will love it…trust me…and I m loving it so much…
        Beside being a travel enthusiast..you are a great motivater too😉❤️

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      5. Well, this just made my day..!! Thank you so much Anushka for such glowing praises.. ❤ 😊🙈 It's so sweet of you, though I don't think I did anything different..!!

        Thank you for appreciating my "insights" if you call them, which I would say are purely logical statements meant to analyse the situation, take stock, prepare and move forward. Pure optimism without action is bad. There needs to be a plan and action to drive the trouble away.
        Motivator? Me? LOL.. 😛
        I try to analyse the situation and then say something.. I am rather reactive than proactive when it comes to these "motivational" talks if you must call them as such.. 😉
        Glad that you liked them though.. ❤ ❤
        Keep writing and I shall be happy to read and share my feedback..!!
        And of course, I would love your feedback as well on my posts.. ❤ 😊

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      6. You did…and you don’t know that…
        Great people after doing something great don’t feel that…they have done something great😉
        I don’t know.. what I wrote…but this exactly what I want to say…they way it is sounding like😊

        And I’ll definitely..reach to more of your blogs soon💙
        Thank you once again…


      7. See, I did, and I didn’t know what I did.. 😛 😉 Now you see, I am not that good in giving “insights”.. 😉 Lol
        Great people? Me? Of course, I don’t see the Nobel Prize in my cupboard though.. 😉
        I am so glad though to know that you find my comments motivational and a reason to make you smile.. ❤ Hope to keep it that way and make you smile more.. 😊😊
        Loved talking to you.. ❤ Checking your blog post now..

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      8. What was that first line😅

        Whatever it is…. I’ll give you Nobel prize soon🤭

        And your comments make me feel positive Abir💙 and I am glad I met u here..
        Thank you once again

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      9. The first line was in response to the line of yours “You did…and you don’t know that…” in the previous comment.. 😉 😂

        Sure.. I would gratefully accept the Nobel Prize from you.. 😊😊

        I am honoured to meet you and glad to know that you feel good.. ❤ smile more and be happy..!!
        You are welcome and thank you back.. ❤ 😊

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