She gave life. She will be someone’s wife. She is a girlfriend and someone’s best friend. She is a sister, a mother and survivor to the end.

All of this is she and what we do? Complain and create a mess. Push her away and ignore her advice. Tell her she is nothing without thinking twice.

She was tortured and abused. Making her cry was a game to you. One should respect women, but how could you?

She swallows her pride, puts her feelings aside. Ignores your ignorance and takes your side.

And you call her nothing. I’m
But I call her strong , smart, sensual, caring, giving , a survivor, tolerant and powerful.

Yes.. I call her a WOMAN !!

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Learning new everyday..!!

17 thoughts on “#Breakthrough

  1. And you made my day too😊💙

    I just love your insights…
    Why don’t you write these feeling of yours in your blogs..m sure everyone is going to love it.

    Just because..I can see…you are not only a travel enthusiast…but also a good writer too💙

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  2. She doesn’t need to be someone’s mother, sister, wife to define who she is.
    A woman should not need a man to define her. She has enough capability to carve a name for her own.
    But women should realize this and quit seeking validation from men for everything under the sun. She should consider herself to be equal to men. Of course, she doesn’t have to be a misandrist to do that.
    But yes, for starters, she should demand equal pay for same work responsibility. She should be selective about relationships and consider those where she is treated as an equal partner and not as a burden.
    Respect is an integral part of any relationship, regardless of the gender. If respect is not present, then there is no point being in that relationship.
    Great article once again.. ❤ 😊 Liked it..!!

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    1. You are amazing Abir…🤩

      Means after your this comment…huge respect to you from my side…not because you gave your views on it…but because you respect and understand every bit of womanhood.🤗

      I am so glad I met u here..💙
      People like you should always be appreciated…😊

      Thank you so much for reading 🤗


      1. Well, I humbly accept your glorious praise again, but this is something logical, and not some lofty speech. 😉
        I hate extreme people in both sides of the spectrum who unnecessarily disrespect males and females, i.e., male chauvinists and misandrists.
        I feel you too would have said the same logical thing.. ♥️☺️
        I respect humans in general till they choose to become disrespectful. I don’t respect people or disrespect them based on gender or any other factor.
        Thank you once again for your lovely response. You made my day.. ♥️☺️🤗

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  3. Thoughtful …u really seem to know who u r …I admire that …great thought Anushkiiii…keep going …. eagerly waiting for next ….👍

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