Let it unfold.

Our lives; A big puzzle.
We constantly keep adding more peices and at times we remove some.
There are ones,
Who fit, some try and some do not.
And there comes a time,
When you want to reshuffle all the peices and start fresh.
But this is difficult, right?

And in all of it;
We keep adding,
smile, laughter, tears to fix that a bit.
No matter, how you sharpen up your edges,
you won’t fit in others, unless they want!
Because for them,
Your existence; defined by comparison.
So, don’t you dare making yourself a smaller peice.

Before the world tell you,
Who you should be?
Unleash your inner beast!
There is a crude beauty,
spunky to behold.
Not for weaks,
to stay put and uphold.
So, love yourself with exemption,
And let it unfold.

A Twisted Tale.

Two lost souls;
In parallel dimensions.
well matched!

Mind possesing;
Short-lived fantasy.
Instant and intense.
Indulging, devouring, hypnotising.
And then the reality!
Threatening to shatter.

Soaring into the skies; those inconceivable heights.
Smiling through tears; hiding fears.
Paths crossing briefly and this wordly.
This dreadful innate reality; pointing fingers!

The acceptance of what was and will never be again.
A realisation so uncertain.

Soul- mates?
Shared sentiments!
A mere delusion?

This feeling,
incapable of being annulled.
Surrounding oneself in city lights,
lost in sea of faces.
Unfamiliar feelings!

Seeing you floating away,
hoping you to be happy anyway.
And this wheel of time!
Has left me in vain.
Of how we went from strangers to friends and strangers again.

Of my kind!

I unzipped my skin,
carefully unscrewed my head.
And I was right!
I am more than weird and a bit awkward.
I am not a kind of beautiful you’ll end up saying ‘wow’.
I’m a deserted road,
a shuffling mess.
Sometimes I smile and cry for no reasons.
I am at content.
Lying awake staring at nothingness,
manifesting the void in me.

And then,
I’m of a kind;
watching sweet movies and masking my tears.
I try to sing when nobody is home to hear.
Quietly humming my favorite tunes while I write.
Sometimes I get imbibed in stories,
Imagining myself in the plot.
Then feel shattered when I don’t like the end.

I’m of a kind;
With a flash of mystery.
Trying to get through,
distress, affection, glory.
So, I’ll understand if you give up on me.
I’ll cry and will be okay,
after a while.
I bite my nails,
when I feel anxiety.
I’m of a kind;
That I’ll walk away if you don’t want me.

I’m of a kind;
That stay calm in face of rage,
burning in fury.
Happiness; delusional or temporary?
Forever; A myth?
Hope; unknown?
Such a mental unrest.
Yes, I am burning!
In the sheer voilence,
A beautiful voilence,
Of my kind!

Loving you unconditionally!

It’s astonishing, how easy falling in love is;
With sleepy faces,
Cranky voices,
The pink blushes and
Dilated pupils;
like an ocean reflecting the summer sun.
The clumsy eaters
Laughing hysterically with tears rolling down
Faces glowing,
Neon lights leading to the countdown.

Addictive? seductive?
You sure you’re the first?
Affection shown is affection lost;
Love Burns through the skin like tattoo.

Knocks your door
in the middle of night.
And see; you are sitting with them in candlelight.

Doesn’t matter how broken they are,
You long to kiss them like remissions.
You hold on to them like hope.
You cherish their scars.

I said,

Won’t burden you with my care,
But guard you from your nightmares.

Tonight, let your shatters
collapse into my lap!
And in the blanket of love, I’ll have you wrapped.
I’ll love you on a pleasant day,
And through a hurricane.
You can see me standing,
When I’m here, you’ve got shade.”

2 AM.

At 2 AM;
I wear the night.
concealing under the blanket of mystery,
stealing colours from the universe clustery.
I am trying to write,
what I thought!
Embracing my chaos,
Chasing memories.
Hiding heart wounds that never bleeds.

At 2 AM;
As I look other way,
There is waiting another day!
And in few hours:
The rising sun and the rosy rays.
The silence of my lungs,
is taking deep breaths.
The frail line,
between gaining and loosing continually sways.
I am completely numb.
Feeling no temptations to succumb.

At 2 AM;
I am writing.
Feels like someone is listening.
Against the silence shouts,
those tip-toes, inside out.
With every question, I question!
Colossal raindrops.
The winding mess.
Oh! I wish I could express.

At 2 AM;
On window pane, I heard a sound.
It was the rain drops hitting the ground.
The air seems distilled,
Like I wave my hand and feel something.
The view is murky,
but I want to focus.
Sheets of water in heavenly disguise.
Raindrops kissing my lips; I fantasize.
It is time for rain and me to twine,
And all I want is to smile.

Rain has left a gentle dew,
Told me;
Feel happy in being you.
You’ll never see the dark so deep.
Because dreamers are not the ones who are asleep.

Knock at the door!

Before I draw myself to fire,
I was silent water.
Appeasing the thirst of every expiring creature.
My sky was falling,
and I was afraid to look up.
I gave and gave,
and didn’t realized;
When my sea metamorphosed to desert.

I saw my shivering world,
tumbling down.
Like heaven whirling undesirable,
Scathel surge of smoke and dust,
making conditions unfavorable.

Then, there was a knock at the door!
And to my surprise it was Hope.
Standing with heavy baggages,
asking me;
Your smile is lovely!
Can I have one?

Can’t help, I smiled.
Tears rolled down my eyes.
She said;
I heard you hate your eye colour!
Because it’s dull, black messed with kohl.
Seeing at you I actualize:
It has a view of starry night.
With stars studded clear and bright.

I hope you never say that again!
These dark black clouds has most beautiful rain.
Do you live for somebody?
And somebody lives for you?
If not!
I hope when you look in the mirror,
It smiles for you.
Tell me about your despair,
and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile, let the world whine.

Let sun shine,
Head above the clouds,
Swimming river currents swift in proud.
Looking at the vastness of sea,
feel like you are free.
Let the star spark,
to remind you of the winsome dark.

You might be a still water!
But for me;
You are a dam exploding as waterfall.
And that matters after all.

I saw her turning;
Passing from the doorway.
But all I wanted her to stay!


And for a while

This beautiful silence.
This unexpected susceptibility.
This youthful aggression.

This eld has taught me,
Every demon has a story to tell,
I can still surprise myself.
knowing that it is best to let things be.
They would be mine, if they are meant to be.

There is some incomprehensible force,
Unfathomable, incorruptible;
Fighting darkness to stay in light.
But is this making me unkind?

These winds roam around,
I follow them like a vagabond.
The air adds chorus to singing birds,
Like waves of the sea,
On and off your feet.

And in all these joy filled voids,
Dwell Confusion and clarity,
illusion and hope.
Will battles cowardice,
Smiles swim against tears;
Hand in hand we move, chained together in fear;
Through the ruins and smoke,
Promises broken, bleeding hearts and shattered hopes appear.
With every defeat comes a momentum to try.
We search for the lost crown
And burn the forest down.

And I learned;
With every goodbye,
To nothing
I am bound.

Sweetness, night and you.

She walks in the wind,
Like a sweet glitter over muffin,
She sweats the ocean with a cheeks so puffin.

Her feet bathed in sand,
scattering stardust across my homeland.
She grew her own roses,
and in the eras of stolen moments she poses.

She always smells like vacation,
caressing my forehead; ah! Salvation.
There she is, dancing by the moon,
Stars share envy, can’t help but swoon. 
Blinking eyelashes, do not seem to bother
I am a lover of night,
And she’s in the sight
I’m drunk on love, forget being sober.
Those black, twinkling eyes!
Look at me, please, kill me twice!

Lost in thoughts, I slip a smile,
When she says with a sore throat;
Don’t forget the coat,
It’s cold outside.

I have never been into writing love poetries but, this man made me write. So, thank you Bharath for helping me with this poem. You are exceptionally wonderful and I am blessed that I am a part of your fan club😝

Dare Not!

Are you okay?
They ask!

And I respond quickly,
in much better and most beautiful way,
so that they can’t notice the
tremor in my voice,
tidal waves in my eyes,
and drought in my heart.

And in all this and more,
lies a mind deeply lost,
wandering on twisted paths.
Knowing that behind every laugh,
lies agony.
Behind every hope, there are dark thoughts.
There is a noise around,
and you seek for quietness.

But, what if my heart has an empty spaces?
Does that mean I am not strong?
How dare you to assume of things that I am not..!!
I am defined by no one,
because it’s my story!
I am both combat and woman and you cannot stop me.

I have learnt that all these empty spaces,
means you have a room enough to grow.
My trials are mine alone,
So, stop uplifting those brow.

If you have an empty spaces,
don’t think it’s wrong.
The storm in your heart,
is enough to demolish those morons.

So, Let it thunder.
Let it rain.
Let it flood.
Let it destruct.

The world has disappointed you,
but universe will not.
So, Hey..
You Jerk!
‘Dare not..!!’


The Laws of Karma (A story)

Just when I thought I had my share,
Just when I thought it was over,
I heard a voice,
There is always more to the story‘.

I looked out into the darkness,
out of my window,
staring at distant light.
I felt a touch which was untouched and pristine.

She said, ‘You might be wondering, Who am I?’
I am a darkest shades of black and the lightest shades of white.’
‘I am KARMA’
‘The one whom you all call,
a bittersweet bitch..!!’

As my emotions takes over,
my heart was doing somersaults.
Then she said, ‘I know, how are you feeling.’
Nobody is happy all the time.’
‘You think, you have lost the battle?
‘I have rained them on you.’
‘Do you know why?’

Sometimes you have to suffer in life,
not because you were bad.
But because, you didn’t realized,
where to stop being good.’

Nothing remains the same in life.’
‘I can turn the tables anytime,
Just remember that,
all the shits someone put you through,
sooner or later,
finds it’s way back to them.’

I closed my mind,
before my heart could wander off.
Then I realized,
She had a point..!!
I walked out into the light searching for her.
The more I wanted her,
the more she was getting hard to find.

Then I heard her voice again;
I saw that.’
‘Have faith in the power of time,
and trust in the cycle of Karma.
I’ll meet you at the end of the story.’

Then, I asked her, ‘Why me?’
With my raging voice,
I told her,
I hate you for the way you are smiling at me.
I hate you for hanging up on me.
I hate you for the times you didn’t turned up.
I hate you for the way you made me feel,
when you knew I was not wrong.

The time stood still…

I felt a fiery firestorm,
and I heard her voice again;
It doesn’t matter, if you like me or not.
That’s your cross to bear afterall.
You think, I am just a fool,
Blaming me for mistakes, you people make,
when it’s your own bed, what you made.’

I felt a renewed fear surge through my veins.
Before I could say,
She said straightway;
Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation,
who deserves only one answer,
and who deserves absolutely nothing.’

With your every mistakes,
Learn the lesson it makes.
Or I will let you dig your own grave
and I won’t come in your way.’

‘So, just breathe and walk away’
‘Let me deal with them,
and if you’ll be lucky,
I’ll let you watch that game.’

I felt her floating away,
giving a sense of hope to the dark recesses of my brain.
All the bullshits that I have received,
it’s time for them to pay.
There is always more to a story,
She gave me a reason to live again.
And yet I slept in peace that night,
When I realized,
I dreamt of her with an open eyes.

But then she crossed my mind again,
I am not a revenge or a punishment,
I am a mirror of your soul’s mistake.
Words can lie but eyes will not,
People will forget,
But me, KARMA will not.’


The other side of a Mirror (A story)

I sat there,
Looking at the part of crowd wandering,
some senseless, some intoxicated,
some contemplating, some chasing their identity and some were shoving behind.

Nobody knew what they wanted,
but all wanting the same thing.
In a crowd,
I push my way through.
I watch the world pass by,
Treachery is a way of life, I decide.

I rushed to find my heartbeat,
while the world was judging and assuming.
Crossing highways and stairs,
Bridges and flyovers,
all roads that was leading me back to home.

Reaching home;
I looked myself in a mirror.
A stranger wearing my clothes,
who was resembling me but was not me.
I saw her world moving too fast,
and she was losing herself in the chaos.

As I looked at her,
I found a library of stories.
Her eyes deeper then well,
which was begging to tell.
Her skin dusky, flushing, warm-beige,
her feets moving barely.

When I examined her more closely,
I noticed,
Tears slipped down her face,
the secret that she was trying to hide.
I looked at her with a sense of wonder,
She was no angel or the devil,
She was infact the balance of all.
There was a raw beauty,
which was reckless and gentle.

She had known pain,
but her soul frains joy.
I could feel her faster heartbeats slowing down,
taking new decisions, which was unable to enlive new connections.

She has known the pursuit of her peace,
making her expectations from life minimal,
which was the result of disappointments and rejections.
She had learned to find happiness,
Looking at the mirror, she blew a kiss,
and released herself.

She stopped to bask in the rays,
by setting herself on fire.
Behind the expectations wall,
she changed her track.
On the journey of finding herself,
she knows how to get herself back.
So, follow your heart at any cost,
If you are too sacred of getting lost.


Silent Tears.

From my eyes down my cheeks,
This is how my tears speaks.

Would you collect them like rain?
It has got hinged in my midbrain.
Looking at the crowd,
going out of my sight,
Making me an empty void.

I wonder and brood;
Caught up in life rushing by,
Lost in a moment of flooding happiness.
Distraught with sadness and pain,
But today, I won’t complain.

And in all of it,
Would you hold my face gently?
Drying away my silent tears,
Giving me a smile, that I can wear.
But, within the blink of an eye,
I found this unreal.

I felt perturbed. I felt it in my veins.
Maybe it was something in the air that night,
Raging hormones, loneliness in that sight.
Dissolving barriers and the web of lies,
That night didn’t let me sleep tight.

Quietly in my soltitude;
I let it flowed like a free river,
Or was I letting go something for real?


Sometimes Me.

Sometimes I am a hurricane,
at a centre of collapsing,
dismantling bridge.
But, sometimes I am a fighter,
struggling to survive.

Sometimes, I am turbulence in a river,
ready to flee in a sigh.
But sometimes, I am a conflict of emotions,
which is high.

Sometimes, I feel like a thunderstorm,
with too much rain.
No grasp on idea, what to do with all the lightening,
that is making me vain.

Sometimes, I feel like a book with no cover,
whose colophon has been torned.
Which is filled with so many words,
But only those who care to read,
Will only know,
What I am about to shout.

Sometimes I am standing at a crossroads,
Unsure, curious, suspicious.
And sometimes I fear, I have came too far to tread back.
The code of rediscovering the self, I am about to hack.

So, to my inquisitive self,
Forever full of doubts.
Hold on…
Just talk to your inner hesistant dreamer,
Of all the acheivements, of love and fidelity,
With a silent promise of self-discovery.


And then.

And then there was someone,
A friend, an acquaintance,
seeps into the corner of her very soul.

So slowly and surely,
groping in the darkness,
witnessing dark crevices,
longing eyes,
confused mind,
Heart entwined.

She said, screaming into the night,
sending a chill down in that someone’s spine.
Sometimes in the middle of it all,
Sometimes not at all,
Sometimes she reach out,
And at others she need to be found.

Then, that someone made her realize,
I see you made of the same element as I am.
I see you in your reality and mine.
People happen,
People leave,
Let it hurt,
Let it bleed,
Let it heal,
Let it go.
Never to cry for someone,
who doesn’t make you feel.
So hold on…
Without regretting on tears,
Let me distract you for a meanwhile.

Keep looking at the part of room,
where light enters in.
You will be reminded again and again,
no matter,
What happens..
These shadows,
Can never hold you in.

Life is a tough teacher,
We protest like an obstinate child.
But you know what,
This is how life goes by.

So, to her dear friend ever,
Thank you for making her feel better.


A Reason to Write

I reach out for my dearest pen,
To put my thoughts in black and white.
With words I weave a different world,
Of things familiar and imagined.
It’s a beautiful magic that I forge,
A journey I take with my soul,
To a blissful outpouring of emotions.
It’s so surreal you see,
It’s an intimacy.

The black paper is my canvas,
But, when I looked within,
The writer in me realised,
There are things dark and grim.
And I have a reason to write tonight.
Sitting at my window, caressing the black night sky…
I go steal some rainbows and sunshine,
I mix them with things unseen
And weave them with my words.
Then blow the magic, back into the sky
With pen in my hand I blissfully smile
At the pretty moon and twinkling stars.

From the chambers of my heart,
I poured out my deepest emotions
About romance and heroism
And every form of passion
From the crevices of my brain,
I penned down my fleeting memories.
So, I write and write of things I knew,
About all the things I value,
My confessions, my real entity, my truth.
As the words flowed out of my pen,
Then I lay my pen to rest.

So, this is my first poem collaboration with my most amazing friend Shreya (Wild Scared Crazy). She is congenial, remarkable and an extraordinary poetess. She is infact the synonym of all( She is my emoji queen as well😛). Shreya, when we are going to have our next collab?

If you haven’t visited her blog, do visit..!! I bet you are gonna get obsessed with her poems.


I cannot express it,
but you and everybody
must have a notion
that there is an existence
of yours, beyond you.

You are not your name,
or the colour of your skin.
You are not a weight,
or the choice of clothes you chose to wear.
You are not of your age,
that you pretend to be.
There is a child in you,
that wants to come out maybe.

You are not your tears,
that are reflecting from your eyes.
You are not a scar,
that is taking time to fade.
You are not about pain,
that’s gonna last forever.
You are not a pimple,
that comes with your disturbing hormonal balance.

You are not your name,
Your passport says.
You are the name,
Your mom calls you with.
You are not a free WiFi,
That’s only available at specific places.
You are an omnipresent cellular network,
Available everywhere you go.
You are not a pretentious smile of yours,
That gets from Happy to angry to sad and happy again in a moment.
You are a professionals,
Your talent says you to be.
( This paragraph has been written by Vishal Triapthi- my big brother)

You are more than that.

You are a raspy morning voice,
blinking an eye,
feeling those fresh new tides.
You are a sweetness in your laughter,
when you read a joke.
You are the songs you sing so loudly,
when you are all alone.
You are all the books you read,
and all the characters you live.

You are the places that you have been to,
and the one you call home.
You are a future you dream of,
that is made up of so much beauty.
You are the touch,
until you let someone know.
You are a smile,
that no one can borrow.

You are more than a fleeting gush of air,
with a fire of setting sun.
You are a gazing sensation of a moon,
like a shining claw in a night sky.
You are a blanket of stars,
that is stretched to infinity.

But, it seems that you have forgotten all.
When you chosed to be defined,
by all the things you are not.


All in you

May be you will never know,
why I never said a word,
why I pushed you away
and never allowed you in.
Why I never asked you reasons,
why I buried my feelings,
under the deepest sea.
Why I chained my heart
and hid it’s key.

Under a deep black sky,
you left me with blackness,
messing up with my Kohl,
tears welled up from my eyes.
But, you know what?
I feel happy and proud,
That departure doesn’t hurt now,
black has become my favourite colour.
No matter how many times,
you push me into darkness,
the sun still finds a way
to bring light to the moon
and the skyline brings me stars.

Do you know why?
Some prayers are powerful
and some souls know magic of love.

– Anushk@

Leibster Award✨🏆🎗️

Hello folks! How you all are doing?
I hope you all are fine, doing great.
So, this is my second Leibster on WordPress, my heartfelt gratitude to Era Singh and Kamya Seervi for this nomination. First of all, my apologies to you both for doing this award post so late.

You girls are amazing✨

I met Era and Kamya few days back, I have been following there posts since then, they are doing great by their writing. They both are an awesome Blogger, infact more than that. They have great posts, which are worth reading. Do check their blogs.

Era Singh

Kamya Seervi

So, thank you Era and Kamya.

Era’s questions-

1. What is your inspiration behind writing ?

My inspiration behind blogging is me and the people around me.

2 . That one cartoon character from your childhood memory you relate so much ?

My best friend thinks I am much more like a Shinchan, cause I am that naughty, and I am proud of being called so😅

3. If given 3 wishes , what they would be ?

First, take this Corona, I am fed up now.
Secondly, I want to go Hogwarts (Witchcraft school in a Harry Potter series)
Thirdly, please give me a bucket of ice cream, I am craving for it now.😟

4. Which subject you don’t like at all and why ?
Well, I don’t like Hindi much (Don’t judge please). I use to struggle a lot with that subject, so I chosed computer applications over Hindi after my 10th (There was choice between Hindi and computer after 10th in my school)

5. Any moment , that totally changed your life ?
The last year, the period between August to December was damn challenging for me. It particularly changed my life in many different aspects.

6. Are you introvert or extrovert ?

I am introvert to people I don’t like talking much and extrovert to my favourite people.

7. If given a chance to meet a famous personality of 21st century , you will like to meet whom and why ?
( I just want to meet my bestie and my elder brother right now)

8. Your favorite poem or article ?

A poem by Lord Byron- ‘ she walks in beauty’
There are many in the list, but I like this one alot.

9. One thing that you love eating always and can eat it without a guilt ?

Ice creams 🙈(without a doubt) and Maggi.

10. Coffee or tea ?

I am more a coffee person but, a tea person with my best friend ( because she is tea addict)

11. Where you see yourself after 5 years ?

Where, I have planned myself to be. So that, when my parents look at me, they can say…we are proud of you.

Kamya’s questions-

1-What is your reason behind blogging?

I have answered this question above.

2- How do you like to spend your time?

These days, I am reading more, spending time with my grandparents, writing, watching movies and talking to my favourite people.

3- What is your favourite song?

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I am in 80s, 90s Bollywood music, sometimes I am into rock and pop( what I usually call as my ‘dhinchak’ mood) and sometimes I am into sad songs matching to my sombreness.
Just like, while writing this, I am listening to ‘closer’ by the Chainsmokers and Halsey ( I really love her).

4- Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

Ambivert 😅

5- Do you like adventure activities? If yes, then which one’s your favourite?

Yes, I do. But, haven’t done any🙁 (I guess)

6- Do you like sweet or spicy food?

Sweet😁and not much spicy.

7- If you could teleport yourself, where would you go?
I would like to give this wish to my brother. I really want him to come back home, without traveling.😟

8- Do you enjoy a sunrise, sunset or a starry night?
Well, I am into all✨
But these starry nights, having a sight of stars and moon makes me dream. I like them more.

9- If you could be in a movie, which one would it be?
*Fault in our Stars* I just love this movie.
Mohabbatein ( who will miss the chance of romancing SRK)

10- What special talent do you have?

I am damn lazy😎🙈

11- Who’s your favourite actor/actress? Why?

From Bollywood, I really like Sharukh Khan.
From Hollywood, I love Daniel Radcliffe.😍
(Because I am Potterhead)

My nomination is open to all. You all deserve this award. Please feel free to accept.
You can choose any 11 question from above.

And now I am listening to ‘Don’t start now’ by Dua Lipa 🎶

Thank you for reading.
Take care of yourself ❣️
Don’t forget to smile😊

Little things✨

We always live for little things in life. It can be a 5 AM sunrise, 6 PM sunset or a starry night, where you will see colours in the sky that don’t usually belong. You live for road trips, long drives and bike rides with music in your ears and a wind caressing your hair. You live for a simple good morning and a good night text from your favourite people. You live for that one day to spend with your best friend, who is far away from you. You crave for that goodnight kiss from your mother, when she is not beside you. You live for that protecting arm from your father and brother. You live for that hug, that can make you feel better. You live for days, when you are surrounded by your loved ones, who make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place. You live for little things but you still search for things what is actually not required.

I have once read, that people need just three things to be truly happy in this world, someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.
But, how can we get these three things?
May be by enjoying and cherishing the little things in life because, someday when you will look back, you will realize they were big things.
We just need to cherish those little things. I have found that, I still feel high and very low in life, daily. But, I have finally accepted the fact that, sensitive is just how I was made and neither I have to hide this nor I have to fix unless and until I have people who are there at the end of the day to comfort me. See, just a little thing, but it really matters.

Personally, I never forget the way a person makes me feel. Memories can fade away and the words that were said, may get jumbled, but good feeling always override the bad ones unless you have people to give those good feelings.

I have noticed that, when all the lights are on, in a daylight, people tend to talk about what they are doing, their outer lives more precisely, pretending to be the one they are not, they look the happiest. But, sitting round in candlelight, firelight, moonlight while staring stars, they talk about their feelings- their inner lives. They speak subjectively, they argue less, there are larger pauses. Just a little thing, but no one notices.

You can write for hours and hours for all the things you wish you could be, you feel. But, there are times, you can’t even hold a pen, to write something, just because you don’t even feel and then there comes a person who reminds you of the statement that you once said to them, that writing comes naturally, you can’t force your feelings. Just a little thing, but it matters, because it made you feel better.

If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it but most importantly, show it. Life is finite and fragile, just something is there one day, it might not be the next day. Live for little things in life.

The Angel at my side- My Lifeline💙

To my Guardian angel,
on her special day,
I am writing you this…
Since, there’s something I would like to say.

There are Angels, that God put on this Earth.
Those Angels,
simultaneously give you wings and will make you firm.
You will feel their love and gentleness,
as they will walk with you through life to make you affirm.

So, mumma
This is for everytime, I forget to say..
“Thank you”

When it came to speaking,
You taught me through, thought and patience.
When it came to listening,
You taught me to listen, by opening my heart in silence.

You touch my hand,
You caress my hair,
You take off my specs,
I reveal my fears.
You kiss my forehead,
You kiss my eyes,
You look at me,
I see your eyes.
You tuck me into bed so tight,
That is how you say me goodnight.

You are such a precious gift to me,
That I’ll cherish all my life.
You are one who keep me warm, in the chilly winter nights.
So,Thank you Maa,
for everything…
You are an Angel at my side.
I believe in love at first sight,
when I saw you,
No words I write and hugs I give,
would ever suffice
The love that I have for you.

What way is there to thank you, for your tender heart, your sweat, your tears?
You are the one to whom,
I owe my life.
Who made all such sacrifices, so that I can reach at heights.

So, mumma…
Keep holding my hand everyday,
So that, I can go out
and face the big world one day.

Keep wiping my tears,
when I am feeling sad,
Let me know that,
It’s okay to feel bad.

Keep cheering me up,
When I am feeling blue.
Just hug me once,
with a kind words from you.

Keep showing me the light,
and set me free,
So that I can be a person,
That you want me to be.

With love-
Your most annoying daughter🙈

I love you Maa, not just today but, every day.
And it’s growing by each passing second 💙✨

Happy reading 😊
Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers.💕

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